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New: The COVID-19 pandemic makes all events for the 2020-2021 school year uncertain. Marty Essen can help eliminate some of that uncertainty. You can now book him either in-person or via Zoom. And if you book him in-person and later need to switch to Zoom, he can do that too!

Marty Essen’s high-energy, seven continents, digital slide show is full of laughs, surprises, and interesting facts. If you are interested in booking Marty, please call (406) 642-3333, or send an email to [email protected]

Marty’s show is easy to promote, as he will provide you with posters, promo emails, and a press release. For instance, to coincide with his Washington, DC show on September 30, 2014, the Washington Post published this article and interview with Marty Essen.

Click here to view a pdf of the September 2010 Campus Activities Magazine feature article about Marty Essen.

Click here for Marty Essen’s hilarious 7/10/09 interview on KKPT-FM in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hear Marty discuss Around the World in 90 Minutes, the famed hippo attack, and a little Amazon fish that is famous for lodging itself in human urethras—ouch!

Here’s what others have to say about

Around the World in 90 Minutes:

“When Marty Essen’s program came to our rural area, I was not sure how much of an audience would attend. I was expecting maybe a handful of students—but I never imagined our auditorium to be completely full! It was so packed, students were even standing in the aisles to watch his show. Afterwards, the students bought every last copy of his books that he had with him—and placed orders for more. This event was a hit!”
—Emily Lewitt, Student Activities Specialist, Davidson County Community College

Around the World in 90 Minutes is a fantastic presentation! Marty is very knowledgeable and engaging and keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. Our science faculty was particularly impressed with the information that he provided. His presentation was standing room only and enjoyed by all. Marty’s zany brand of energy and awe inspiring adventures lend to a one of kind presentation that can be enjoyed by a diverse group of individuals. We look forward to having Marty Essen back on our campus in the near future.
—Schnell Reed Garrett, Assistant Director of Student Life, Howard Community College

“We greatly enjoyed Marty’s show at our school. The event itself was fantastic and left the whole audience wishing they could teleport themselves into any one of Marty’s amazing photographs and experience it themselves! Luckily his great storytelling skills really made us feel like we were right there in the heart of the action. Marty was also wonderful to work with, and we really appreciated the extra steps he took to provide us with posters, press releases and extra photographs. It was truly an all-inclusive package!”
—Elizabeth Hansen, Senior Coordinator of Student Activities, University of Georgia

“Marty Essen is a classy professional from start to finish. His advertising materials are great. He discusses his costs up front and it is a pleasure to work with him. He knows how to support his visually stunning show technically so I knew what to request on our end. Marty entertained a standing room only crowd, wowing them with his pictures and humor. Students enjoyed the show and continued to talk about it for days following his presentation. I highly recommend Marty Essen and Around the World in 90 Minutes.”
—Paula L. Wilmot PhD, Director of Co-Curricular Education and Programming, Clarkson University

“The ooh’s and ah’s during Marty’s show convinced me I had a hit on my performing arts calendar. We’ll definitely have him back in the future.”
—Dennis Negrón, Vice President for Student Services, Southern Adventist University

“We loved having Marty Essen on campus! Everyone who came to the show really loved the pictures and stories that he shared with us. Great opportunity for us.”
—Heidi Acton, Director of Student Activities, Central Community College

“Marty came and performed at our campus early this spring and he was wonderful. His show was entertaining and educational – the best we had all year!! Marty was easy to work with, returned all requests very quickly and always had a cheerful attitude. I would recommend his show to everyone!!”
—Bonnie Peterson, ASCC Activities Director, Clark College

The following unsolicited exchange between three students took place on Tiffäny DeMell’s Facebook wall following Marty Essen’s September 29, 2011 performance at Unity College

(Unity, ME):

Tiffäny DeMell: Marty Essen= best presenter I have seen in my entire life. SO SO good!!! :D:D:D

Desiree Swendsen: IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Hill: can’t wait to read his book!!!
Another Unity College student posted this comment directly on Marty Essen’s Facebook wall:

Jonah Gula: Just wanted to let you know that your presentation last night was amazing. I’m so jealous of all your experiences and your photos! I hope that in the future I can do such cool things like you!

“Marty was excellent! He engaged our audience, and really created the feeling of ‘being there.’ He was funny, informative and had a wonderfully creative show that all ages enjoyed!”
—Kimberlee Kelly Schwartz, Director of Student Programs & Athletics, Cerro Coso Community College

“Marty’s outstanding story telling brought his audience around the world with him, from dangerous to peaceful landscapes, and from tiny to large creature encounters. Our students, staff, faculty, and local community members were engaged and entertained by Marty’s adventure stories and stunning photography. As a community college with multiple locations, we also took advantage of Marty’s ability to offer both a 50 minute and 90 minute show. I recommend Marty Essen to others looking for a guest speaker who can talk about the wonders of the world, environmental/conservation issues, and offer a humorous lecture.”
—Kimberly Irland, Director of Campus Life, Jamestown Community College

The following unsolicited comments were sent to Marty Essen via Facebook after his October 28, 2011 performance at West Hills College Coalinga (Coalinga, CA):

Mary Blyth Jones: As an audience member for the 7 PM presentation in Coalinga, I must say it was the perfect segue into a weekend after a particularly grueling week. I thoroughly enjoyed your conversational comments as we journeyed with you across all those continents. I’ve only been to three continents (North America, Europe and Africa) and now my thirst is whet again for travel. Anyway, just wanted to say kudos for the evening. It was wonderful.

Jim Cavins: Attended the evening show at West Hills College. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. The photo’s were absolutely amazing and your stories were equally captivating.

Hanako Makiyamahi: i’m west hills college student in coalinga (from japan) and i went around the world today 🙂 it was awsome and i really enjoyed it so i just wanted to say thank you to you!!

Michael Nguyen: You are a great man! More interesting than the Dos Xs man from that beer commercial. You could be the next Steve Irwin.

“Marty Essen’s dynamic presentation, Around the World in 90 Minutes, fascinated and entertained students and community members alike. Not only was the experience exciting and engaging, it was educational in the best sense of the word. For days, students would stop to talk to me about Marty’s presentation. Whether they wanted to agree with him or argue against him, they were always animated and engaged. Even more gratifying were the spontaneous conversations between students that I overheard in the halls they talked about the show. In my memory, no other event in our Visiting Writers Series has been as well-attended or sparked as much thoughtful discussion—an excellent presentation.”
—Ken Raines, Coordinator for the Visiting Writers Series, Eastern Arizona College

“Thank you, Marty, for your presentation here at Radford University. Your program was awesome, and everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed it and were in awe of your stories. Multiple of my peers are asking to borrow your book from me. They are that excited and curious of your travels. Once again I can’t thank you enough for being so gracious and kind. I was absolutely hooked during your program. I hope I will be able to bring guest speakers that are as engaging, informative, and all around interesting as you.”
—Stephen Bingham, (Student) Director of Educational and Multicultural Events, Radford University

“Marty’s presentation of wildlife and his travels to the seven continents was amazing! His energetic and enthusiastic character brought each picture to life and there was always a fascinating story behind each photo! This has been one of the best lectures we have had at the college and I would bring him back in a heartbeat!”
—Katie Leao, Coordinator of Student Life, Western Nevada College

“Marty Essen’s presentation Around the World in 90 Minutes was excellent! From the moment he began speaking, he had the entire audience engaged as we viewed his stunning photos, listened to his humorous stories and learned little-known facts on various creatures and wildlife. There’s so much to be seen in our beautiful world! I highly recommend this presentation to everyone. We look forward to having him on our campus again!”
—Cheryl Budd, Student Activities Coordinator, Gloucester County College

“Marty Essen’s show was a magic carpet ride. It was simply outstanding!”
—Yih Tsao, Co-Chair InterCulture Committee, University of Alabama at Birmingham

The following unsolicited comments were sent to Marty Essen via Facebook after his November 14, 2011 performance at Waubonsee Community College (Sugar Grove, IL):

Katie Billing: Your presentation was awesome! It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing another voice speaking about the importance conservation! I hope you enjoyed your time in Illinois.

Michael Burns: It was a great show. Thanks for your time Marty!!

Jessica Rugg: had an awesome time!

Susan Burns: Thank you so much for coming to Waubonsee, I really enjoyed your visit.

Ania Cudzewicz: This was a great talk! Best part of that day!!!

Kimberly Bunge: Thank you so much for coming to Waubonsee and sharing your stories! It was so fun to hear the stories and see the pictures from all over the world! The pictures were phenomenal!

“You are the best ever at helping people promote your event!”
—Maryann Urick, Director of Recreation & Student Activities, College of the Mainland

“Marty’s energy and enthusiasm really captured our students like few have before on our campus. The presentation is still raved about on campus by faculty, staff, and students. Marty’s flexibility and assistance with promotion guarantees success with the event. I would highly recommend Marty’s show to any college campus!”
—Leif Corbett, Student Activities Coordinator, Northern Virginia Community College

“A week ago (11/3/09), Marty performed two slightly different shows for our community college Cook Series—one on campus and the other held at the Brown Grand Theatre, a city-owned historic opera house. Both shows were dynamite. Being a member of the audience IS like being a world traveler while sitting in your auditorium seat. The photography accompanying Marty’s descriptive narrative brings all the elements of global exploring together. Marty uses gentle persuasion when it comes to respecting our planet. Also, the responsibility a traveler like himself must fulfill reading and carefully researching before setting off on any travel experience. Physical and photographic evidence of glacial melt and close-ups of beautiful creatures that are endangered in the wild can be very powerful for participants to see. Marty’s presentation gives viewers the luxury of safety while he comes face-to-face with monitor lizards, poisonous reptiles and amphibians, and treacherous environmental elements. I admire Marty’s courage, confronting challenging, spur-of-the-moment opportunities most of us would run from. Everyone in the audience loved Marty’s presentation—community members, college students and young people alike. In fact, our college is already in the process of bringing Marty back for a show next season at which he will discuss his unique writing experiences.”
—Sue Sutton, Director of the Cook Lecture Series, Cloud County Community College

“The time flew by with Marty! From the first photo to the last photo, we were in awe. The stories of his journeys coupled with the magnificent photography are a feast for the senses!”
—Shannon McCasland, Coordinator of Student Activities, Aims Community College

“We are still reeling in excitement after watching the presentation of Marty Essen. We walked away from the presentation determined to promote conservation in our world. Breathtaking photographs took us to places we’ve never been before. Marty’s photography puts you so close to nature.”
—Jackie B. Williams, Earth Day Chair, Southeastern Community College

“Marty is one of those rare, passionate individuals able to blend stunning photography, adventure travel, and a powerful conservation message into 1½ hours of pure enjoyment. His audiences come away having deeply experienced some of the most intriguing, out of the way places in the world, and we are much the wiser for our experience.”
—Kristin Fletcher, Program Manager, Idaho Museum of Natural History at Idaho State University

“Marty Essen’s Around the World in 90 Minutes presentation was awesome! He was a delightful speaker and the time flew. He really knew his subject matter and the humor was nice. It was so very informative.”
—Dot Lukens, Dual Enrollment Program Assistant, Chattahoochee Technical College

“Marty has a great message to share, and his lecture was both educational and entertaining. He was a delight to have on our campus.”
—Shelly Loomer, President of Campus Activities Board, Johnson & Wales University – Denver

“Marty was great to work with! Every slide had a fascinating story. Marty developed a great relationship with the audience. His trip to all seven continents was so moving. We all wanted to jump in a plane and go. It was a pleasure to have him!”
—Marly Greeley, Student Life Coordinator, Penn State Dubois

“If you are looking for an event that is exciting, fun and educational while stretching your entertainment dollar to the max—the world of Marty Essen accomplishes that and then some! This event supports academic efforts of science, lifelong learning, and international studies as well as campus clubs and activities. Marty presents the world as few will ever experience!”
—Julie Moss, Campus Activities/Conference Services Coordinator, Yavapai College

“Marty’s passion for wildlife, photography and international travel blended wonderfully into a presentation that had our campus community laughing and cringing at the same time! We look forward to having him back next fall.”

—Thomas Sheridan, Assistant Director for Student Activities, University of Colorado – Denver

“Marty puts on a wonderful show! Every minute is jam packed with exciting and entertaining stories and wonderful photos. I highly recommend this program. Your entire campus is guaranteed to love it!”
—Shannon Mewborn, Director of Student Life, University of South Carolina Sumter

“Thank you so much for coming to Thomas More College Marty! Your show was very inspiring! We really enjoyed your presentation and learned a lot about animals, environment and travel.”
—Petra Van Meter, Coordinator of Student Activities, Thomas More College

“Marty Essen, of Cool Creatures, Hot Planet fame, arrived in the Bitterroot Valley to entertain and educate us with a unique and exclusive view of our planet through his eyes. A packed house listened with rapt attention, broken only by the echoes of amazed reactions, as the larger than life images swept across the screen. His lively storytelling engages his spectators throughout a dynamic and thought provoking presentation. This is a Must See event!”
—Tamar Stanley, Executive Director, Ravalli County Museum

“Marty truly takes you ‘around the world.’ His presentation is extremely impressive as he blends humor, knowledge, and beautiful photography to educate and entertain. Marty has a passion for his subject and he communicates a powerful message.”
—Eddie Waddell, Director of Student Activities, Forsyth Technical Community College

“Marty delivered a wonderful lecture which was educational, fun and of interest to many. We had photography students as well as Sociology and Zoology students in the audience. Thanks!”
—Megan E. Boyle, Coordinator of Student Activities, Pikes Peak Community College

“Marty grabbed the attention of every single person in the audience with his amazing presentation. I felt that I was traveling with Marty in real time to those exotic places. We will love to have Marty to perform again on our campus.”
—Xue Qin Wang, Programming Coordinator, Florida Gulf Coast University

“Marty Essen puts so much passion and intensity into his show that it radiates through the crowd. His photographs are just as amazing as his story telling ability. I would recommend his show to everyone regardless of age. It was truly an experience I’ll never forget.”
—Ashley Collins, Education Chair, Colorado State University-Pueblo

“Marty Essen is a true adventurer, not only has he traveled the world encountering interesting creatures and people, he braved a blizzard to come to our campus to share his stories with us. Our students came out on that snowy night are were rewarded with an entertaining and eye opening presentation. This program was a great addition our line-up of campus activities, and we would certainly consider inviting him back. In addition to bringing a really great program, Marty is a pleasure to work with. He is nice, considerate, friendly, well organized and even has his own promotional materials that he shares with the University. If you want to bring an event that is very little work but a big reward, book Marty Essen!”
—Shelley Stoltenberg, Student Engagement & Programming Coordinator, Black Hills State University

“I eagerly awaited Marty’s performance and it was well worth the wait. Marty covers a lot of ground (literally) in 90 minutes and does so in a way that makes the time fly by. He is a true professional to work with and our audience, which included students, faculty, community members and children, all thoroughly enjoyed the show. His excitement and enthusiasm really make the presentation come to life and his ability to present environmental concerns in a non-partisan manner was appreciated.”
—Mike Van Dyke, Dean of the College, Vermont Technical College

“Sorry I’m just now getting a moment to send you this reply of how great it was to have you at our campus this month for our Environmental Fair. Your presentation was not only very professional but was very engaging with your visual re-enactment of situations with the creatures you encountered. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from all that attended as they were very impressed with your expertise on the subject matter and blown away with your experiences across the seven continents, while being pleasantly amazed by your photography. From students, faculty, and staff we all thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your kindness of answering the many questions that were asked of you. I personally want to thank you for going the extra mile and talking to two of our English classes that so enjoyed your interaction with them. This is really what allows our students to experience real life learning that can ultimately change a student’s life path. Thank you again and also for doing the T.V. show segment.”
—John Byers, Coordinator of Student Activities, Owens Community College

Marty Essen has been APCA’s #1 booked college speaker for 50 total months!

Verified #1 on APCA’s website:
11/3/08, 12/2/08, 1/2/09, 2/2/09, 3/2/09, 4/2/09, 5/18/09, 6/1/09, 7/1/09, 8/1/09, 9/1/09, 10/1/09, 11/1/09, 12/1/09, 1/1/10, 2/1/10, 3/1/10, 4/1/10, 9/14/10, 10/1/10, 11/1/10, 12/1/10, 1/1/11, 2/1/11, 3/1/11, 4/1/11, 5/1/11, 6/1/11, 7/1/11, 8/1/11, 9/1/11, 10/1/11, 11/1/11, 2/14/11, 1/1/12, 2/1/12, 3/1/12, 4/1/12, 8/1/12, 9/1/12, 4/1/13, 7/1/13, 8/1/13, 9/1/13, 10/1/13, 11/1/13, 4/1/14, 7/1/14, 10/1/14, and 11/1/14. Months from December 2015 on are no longer verifiable, as APCA removed the artist bookings feature from their website.
Marty Essen is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and is available both in-person and via Zoom. To book Marty Essen, call (406) 642-3333, or send an email to [email protected]
For wildlife photos, interesting facts, and eco-commentary, be sure to visit Marty’s blog Around the World with Marty Essen

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